Duncan Mais Showreel

Duncan Mais Showreel

The Rapture Trailer (2009)

Based on an Ancient Biblical Prophecy

The year is 2008 and much secret activity is happening on planet Earth. Sightings of UFO's, great floods, earthquakes and global monetary melt down.

Acting agents are being sent to stop Victor Walker, an International artefact smuggler from stealing the Spear Of Destiny to enable his political puppet masters to fulfil the ancient biblical prophecy of the second coming and recreate Heaven on Earth as they see it!!!!!

As each agents arrive to collect their secret assignments from the Controller, Victor and his men battle on with their master plan, casing the museum and eliminating anything or anyone that comes in their way.

The hit woman sent from the Vatican stalks her prey from the shadows, and over sees every movement Walker and the rest of the haracters make, waiting for her moment to strike with deadly accuracy.

As the struggle continues between good and evil, the power of the spear unfolds to control the destiny of all the players and ultimately the existence of


Gillette Fusion - Magma Core Extreme

It's a crusty old grooming adage that the phrase "revolutionary advancements in shaving technology" is simply empty marketing speak for "adding another blade".

So kudos to Gillette for its admirably self-aware spoof viral ad. According to the suitably booming voiceover, the 80-blade - yes, 80-blade - Gillette Magmacore was forged in the fires of Mount Doom, is sharper than Colin Firth in a Tom Ford tux and cuts more than George Osbourne in a bad mood.

Or something like that. The only flaw we can spot in the deliberately implausible design? Razor burn could be a real problem...