Duncan Mais

Duncan was born in to a very unusual environment as his mother was one of the first girls to work for Playboy in the UK when Victor Lownes came to Britain in the 60's to set up the Playboy empire. Frances Mais later became Victor's personal secretary for five years then from 1973 to 1975 she became Bunny Recruitment Officer. Duncan was exposed to a cast of mesmerising actors such as Peter Cook, John Cleese, Warren Beatty and Michael Caine and many more... an idolising 5 year old boy watches in amazement, eyes fixated on the creations before him... and so the fascination begins.

15 years on and the fascination is stronger than ever, having been involved with school plays and local theatre groups, it was a natural progression for Duncan to get into acting. Therefore, he joined the actors temple, it was here were he was able to take his passion and love for this industry seriously and master his craft. After having made a huge impression on the acting coaches, Duncan insisted on continuing with his training with one-to-one coaching ever since.

After years of TV ads and music videos Duncan landed his first major role in a feature film THE RAPTURE written and directed by William Steel, playing an ex SBS military hard man called Ray Powers. Duncan acted along side the legendary Stephen Birkoff, Danny Dyer, Geoff Bell, Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp. The Rapture will be followed by DESTINY set to start filming in September '11

Duncan then went on to land his first lead role in an East End gangland film called THUGS, MUGS & VIOLENCE directed by Djonny Chen, written by Jamie O'keefe with Paul Knight as the screen writer and producer. Duncan plays the youngest of the three Davis brothers (Alfie) who are a notorious east end family with the same blood line that dates back to the Kray twins. Duncan is acting along side the boxing legend Joe Egan, Carlton Leach, Joe Pyle and Laura Meakin.

Duncan has also secured a further three movies later this year so we can look forward to seeing much more of him in the future.